The Charisma Index : unique insight, unique capability

A unique research model is the core of all our work.


The Charisma Index goes deep into the issues that determine reputation
and relationships between individuals and organisations or brands. 

The Index is built on the six dimensions that have been found to be critical for success in today's world, and they apply across business sectors. The Index shows how brands are seen on those criteria, and which are likely to thrive in the future. It provides real insights and learnings from beyond brands' normal comparisons. 


We are also unique in being able to apply the same measures and criteria to B2B and B2C audiences - and in the critical area of Internal Culture programmes. Our clients can harmonise external and internal perspectives, so have a totally coherent platform for change across their entire organisation. 

As one client put it,  "I love the idea of being able to stand in front of our Partners, and say that we're the Amazon of our world"

Consciousness :   aware of and anticipating emerging issues and needs
Purpose             :    true sense of what it stands for and where it is going
Integrity             :    trusted to do the right thing by people
Generosity        :    willing to give of its time and services, not just about profit
Courage            :    truly innovative, daring to be wrong; not following or copying
Delivery             :    keeping its promises, not letting people down

Facts, figures, thoughts and challenges

30,000 consumer interviews, 130 brands, 4 markets

We researched the definitions and questions before testing the brands, so we know that we're dealing with important ideas in shaping consumer perceptions.

The six dimensions focus attention on what goes to make a brand's reputation with consumers. And they separate levels of performance within a brand, as well as they discern between brands.

The findings not only reveal the truth about brands' reputation with consumers, they also indicate which brands have the inherent strengths and resilience to succeed in the future.

Business and brands have to do better

"Sustaining progress will demand collaboration and a new societal deal"  (McKinsey)

"Purpose is a source of competitive differentiation, driving customer sales and loyalty"  
(Saïd Business School)

"We seek to understand how a company's purpose informs its culture and strategy to underpin sustainable financial performance...Ensure your business serves society" (Larry Fink, Black Rock)

"Maintaining trust is the over-riding responsibility of leaders - public and private sectors" (Edelman)

New perspectives

The Charisma Index goes far deeper and further than the traditional measures of consideration and imagery.

It explores the underlying nature of relationships and reputation. It reveals what people think brands think of them. It brings brands' past and current performance into line with new expectations and future demands.

We can show clients how to secure longer-term success.

The Charisma Index 2019