• Keith Wells

"Yesterday's logic" isn't enough: Courage is calling...

The Managing Director of a client company told his Board, "We have to cross a chasm, and we can't do that in two steps. Unless we think we're Tom and Jerry." After thousands of hours of research, strategic reviews, consultation and scenario-planning, he was right. And he was demonstrating the kind of leadership all businesses need now.

In our previous posts, we've discussed the ideas of Consciousness setting the context for a company's Purpose. Now we think it's time for Courage.

Yes, that means being bold. Really standing for, and striking out for, something important - confidence is contagious.

Yes, that means being innovative. Not always radical, but at least being prepared to try new ways of doing old things. If "necessity is the mother of invention", the last few months will have given birth to all sorts of ideas. We need more.

Yes, that means leading rather than following. Being the first 'out' with a product or service is important, but so too is championing an idea or a change of attitude - perhaps a better version of the old 'thought leadership' cliché.

But it also means taking responsibility. Moral courage is every bit as important as physical, and there's always the chance that things will go wrong. Being accountable for mistakes or disappointments is a vital quality to building trust and relationships - and is even more necessary now.

Which takes us on to the fourth of our 'next leadership' dimensions: Integrity. We'll discuss that in the next couple of days.

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