• Keith Wells

"Yesterday's logic" won't do: success needs Generosity (and so does Purpose).

"Doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching" should never be out of fashion. But the Covid pandemic, an event that will not have featured in any corporate or brand training manual, has exposed a clear divide between businesses with the right instincts and those that lack them.

This goes to the heart of any recovery. As Accenture have said, this period has "changed forever the experience of being a customer, an employee, a citizen" - and that experience is going to be based on trust. This is one area in which past performance can be taken as an indicator of the future results.

In our last post, we talked about the need for leaders to act with Courage. If people are going to follow and support them, it will be because they're seen to do the right thing by those people. There's a red thread running through all of this: from greater Consciousness, through authentic Purpose informing true Courage.

This is about consistency, of course. But not just the consistency of experience, or between the promise and the delivery - businesses and their leaders have to ensure that all of their behaviours are consistent with their professed values. And, on the basis that "what gets measured gets done", they will also need to rework all of their L&D programmes, remuneration and reporting systems.

"Integrity" is one of those words that appear in lots of claimed core values, and can easily be disproved and diminished. But we think it can also have a real commercial value. And we've also found that those businesses with real integrity can also create another kind of value - Generosity. We'll discuss that next.

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