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"The question is not whether law firms have to change; it's how quick and how radical that change has to be." One of the conclusions of a recent conference spelled out the challenges all firms are facing.

The key to managing that change successfully lies in asking the right questions and acting on the answers. 

The Charisma Index gives that vital 'outside-in' insight to firms' leaders. We help clients to understand the key societal and business trends, so that they can position themselves for greatest effect.

A financial services GC told us "Law firms comparing themselves with each other is bad comparing with bad." We can now challenge firms to learn from the best organisations in the world and bring totally new standards into the Professional Services sector.


And we develop strategies that create leadership platforms for firms in the three critical areas of their clients, their markets and their people.

Towards outstanding performance

A necessary outside-in perspective

"Law firms comparing themselves is bad comparing with bad," is how one influential GC sees things. Measures like PEP are not only inward-focused and arrogant, they are also irrelevant as an indication of how firms are perceived by their most important audiences. And useless when it comes to determining strategy.

Working with us, our clients gain four distinct , and unique, advantages.

1. The ability to see how they perform on the criteria that go to make a successful, desirable business in the terms that are most critical today.

2. The opportunity to learn from businesses that are shaping our world and defining the ways in which people (clients, customers, employees, partners) buy, work and commit.

3. The basis to set a true leadership strategy, rooted in measures that are consistent for internal and external stakeholders.

4. A team that combines deep knowledge of the Professional Services sector with the experience of translating insight into strategy and implementing those plans.

A focus on clients


Clients' opinions on the Firm, and their likelihood to prefer one over the other are critical to future success. 'Client listening' isn't enough.

We help firms understand how they are viewed in the terms that determine future relationships. Are they good, modern businesses to work with?


A focus on markets


Clients and colleagues are attracted to firms that are acknowledged leaders of their markets.

By expanding our discussions on behalf of clients, we can discern areas of strength and opportunity

to 'own' profitable spaces.


A focus on people


In the battle for talent, Professional Services firms are now aware of the 'Millennial challenge'.

Traditional career structures and choices are changing dramatically: we help leaders to attract and inspire their people in new ways.



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