People expect more from business. And business expects more from itself. Leaders need to know more.

These are the six qualities we have identified as critical to modern leadership. They are powerful trends in society and business; 
and leaders, whether at the organisational, team or individual level, will have to excel at them to earn long-term success.
The Charisma Index is a unique research model that tells leaders how well they're doing on the factors now determining relationships between brands and their stakeholders. Customers or clients, employees or colleagues, people react to the same stimuli and can compare experiences. 
We have a bank of 30,000 individual responses, assessing over 120 brands' performance, that also show the correlation between those ratings and those brands' likelihood to be considered, as well as their leadership pretensions.
We help our clients to understand these insights, then to set the right strategies, and to implement transformational programmes.