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"The ability to influence and inspire a lot of people"

That's what it means to have charisma.

Our clients want to lead: as organisations, as brands, and as individuals. 
To do that, they have to know what people expect of them and to be the best
at meeting those expectations. 

We give our clients the insights they really need, help them define
the right strategy, and work with them to deliver sustainable commercial success.

"We need to see round corners"

People demand better from the brands they buy from and work with.


Consumers are moving towards brands that evidently share their values. Investment funds now ask companies
to convince them of their purpose. Employees are moving away from the old models of command and reward.


Business needs to move in line with societal trends. The money is moving that way too.
 But we've not yet seen the same movement
in strategic insight and direction.


Without that certainty, leaders will be asking (or be asked) "Why didn't we see these things coming?"

That's why we established the Charisma Index and why we're now working
with clients to ensure their businesses are the stand-out successes not only today, but also of the future

The Charisma Index Team

A truly unique combination of business and brand strategy, B2B and B2C markets,
external and internal positioning and culture, and insight and implementation.  


We're experts in our field, with a proven ability to work together to make things better for our clients.

Keith Wells
Keith has over 30 years' experience in corporate and brand strategy consultancy.
He has held senior leadership positions in three international consultancies and worked in more than 30 countries.
Juliet Strachan
Juliet has more than 25 years' top-level experience in brand research and strategy.
After leading an international research business as MD for 10 years, she established Windsor Edge.
Gordon Brown
Gordon held senior Business Development and Marketing roles in Big 4 firms and global consumer businesses until 2002. He then set up Client Savvy, specialising in client relationship development.
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Three principles behind the Charisma Index

Tell the truth​.  Our Index model shows clients what people really think of them and their competitors. It's what any leader, real or aspiring, needs to know about where they stand and how they have to improve. Honesty defines all our relationships: analysis, strategy development and implementation consultancy.


Make things better. Clients engage us because they want to improve, and to make their business a sustainable success. So that's what we do, and how we do it: encourage, challenge, dare, be ambitious with and on behalf of our clients. And help them truly lead their markets and their people.

When in doubt, be nice. There's no need for arrogance, and no future in it. We like what we do, and who we do it with; and we hope our clients feel the same. Judging by the number of people who 'come back for more', we can only believe they do.

Testimonials and reactions

"We've been speaking about these issues for a long time, but without a proper structure.
This is the framework we've been missing"
(Managing Partner)

"Everybody has been saying we need thinking from outside the sector. This is exactly that thinking,
and it's measurable" (Managing Partner)

"This goes much deeper and broader than we typically see in traditional trackers"
(Managing Director)

"It's the best thing I've seen in years" (Consulting Director)

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